How often do I change curtains?

We sometimes tend to forget that our curtains must be changed, just as we change sheets or pillowcase. However, unlike other household linens, curtains do not do not change as frequently. The main thing is simply to wash them occasionally and replace them if needed. More concretely how, and why, and when to change curtain?

Preserving the health of the inhabitants


The first reason that should encourage you to change curtain is the preservation of the state of health of those who live under the same roof that you. Indeed, the curtains accumulate dust and bacteria year-round. It is therefore appropriate to change them punctually for limit the risk of contamination. You must change the curtain of a punctually if people who are prone to airborne allergies at your house.

When to change curtains?

If you live in a dust-free area, you do not have to change curtains only twice a year. For those who live in an area particularly dusty, it is recommended to change curtains all seasons.

For people suffering from a pollen allergy, it is better to change the curtains twice during the sensitive season, and once a season for the rest of the year.

Why change curtains often?

Often changing curtains is essential for the health of occupants of a house. However, changing curtains is also one of the ways to enhance the decoration of his house at a lower price, while throughout the year. In addition, changing curtains each season remains the best how to protect your favorite curtains from UV rays.