To germinate the first seeds of the garden

How to germinate the first seeds of the garden? What are the things to do to have healthy plants that can flourish in the fresh air? Whatever your gardening project, you can sprout your seeds of flowers, vegetables and fruit trees indoors. This will allow you to closely monitor the growth of your plants before planting. Also, this small gardening job will help you release the heavy tensions of the week, during the weekend. So, how and what to do to sprout the first seeds of the garden?


Choose a simple and practical container

First, choose simple containers and practice. Do not go systematically buy nursery bags ; search your cupboards and collect Reusable and recyclable jars. For example, you can use:

  • Yogurt pots to bury the seeds of flower;
  • Some eggshells to start a herb garden;
  • Tin cans for small vegetables;
  • Plastic bottles cut in half.

In sum, you can to use anything that can serve as a pot to avoid expenses useless .

Find a good potting soil

Now that you have your containers, you need to to occupy the soil. For this you can use from the land you will take in the garden . But long before that (a month in advance), prepare compost with organic waste from the kitchen . This natural compost will act as fertilizer start up for your plants.

In addition, if you really do not know how to get good potting soil, you can always go to a garden center. Learn on what you will need to form good soil. It is even possible to find a potting soil already prepared in this type of shop . So, if you can not really do otherwise, go for this alternative.

When you have found your potting soil, start it plantation!

Place the seed starters in an optimal place and treat them well

The seed starters, and therefore the starter pots of your plants should be placed in a suitable location for the development of shoots. For this, there is nothing better than a sunny and well ventilated place . Seeds like young people shoots need a lot of sun to grow. So, have your kits garden, in a place that will make the most of the rays of the Sun.

This done, you must be careful to water, feed and protect your young plants. For watering, just use a fogger, it is not necessary that the first roots are drown . Also, add some liquid fertilizer in water for watering , to feed your plants. A Once your plants have reached the ideal size, take them out of their nursery and root them in the garden.

That’s all you need to do to make the seeds before planting garden plants.