10 tips to know

These 10 tips home to know to live more pleasantly in everyday life will save the day. They are simple to make, practical and will not make you spend a fortune. Adopt them and you will see the difference over the days of application.


Hunt mosquitoes with geranium

You do not always need a mosquito net to finish with mosquitoes. Indeed, to chase these pests, you just need to place one or two pots of geranium on your window, and in the hallway.

Trow the bottom of the trash to prevent the escape of bad odors

To prevent the proliferation of bad odors, make a hole in bottom of your trash. Aeration will limit the fermentation of waste organic and will preserve you from the escape of stinking odors.

Use document binders to store your stuff

Unclutter your living space using workbooks from document and magazine bins to condition your belongings. These supports storage are flat and therefore more advantageous spatially speaking.

Suspend kitchen utensils to save space

Make room on your kitchen counter and in your kitchen cupboards; hang your kitchen utensils instead of packaging them in storage furniture.

Incorporate small LED lights in poorly lit spaces

If a poor light is bothering you on a particular worktop, be it the vanity or the kitchen counter, bring the light back into the area in question by attaching small LED lights.

Protect the door handle with a tennis ball so as not to damage the Wall

You can not always prevent a door from slamming or opening abruptly, but you can anticipate the damage. So hide the handle of your door in a tennis ball previously drilled so that it does not damage the wall in case of sudden opening of the door.

Repackage the remains of paint in small glass jars

A large pot of paint containing a product background will only make your workshop a burden. Repackage your leftover paint in small glass jars.

Lightening the children’s cups at the refrigerator door

Your children have this habit of taking a drink out of the cupboard whenever they want to drink. Result of the races, you have a tons of glasses in the sink. To avoid this inconvenience, stick a magnet on each children’s cups, and attach the cups to the door of the fridge.

Heat a vanilla bean in the microwave to scent the house

You want to spread a scent of atmosphere at home, but you have no more essential oil. If you have a vanilla pod, just put it to heat for a minute in the microwave and the turn is play.

Put your pillowcase in the fridge to refresh your summer nights

To get back to sleep more easily in the summer, put your pillowcase in an airtight plastic bag and put it in the fridge an hour before bedtime.