Why is it interesting to do something that scares us from time to time?

Have you ever felt confined to your own life? Have you ever had this uncomfortable feeling of having to live in an automaton for fear to fail? If you answered yes to these two questions, it is great time for you to override your containment zone, but to move to the other side of this state of “reduction” you have to make the leap .

Include in your weekly, monthly projects, quarterly, or semiannual, a project that scares you particularly. Exceed your fears, your doubts and your beliefs; go paragliding, climbing, parachute jump, jump into a lake, learn to fly a plane. Short, find an activity that will challenge you.

But why is it interesting to do something that we scares from time to time? Let’s clear this up.

An important process to abolish its “containment zone” and expand its “comfort zone”


The terms “containment zone” must be qualified and “comfort zone” to avoid getting lost. Where the confinement zone reduces you to the state of fearful automaton; the comfort zone allows you to enjoy your activities without you lead away.

Of these two zones, it will be first absolutely escape. Then we will work on the second to enlarge it and not destroy it. It is possible, however, to make a blast, when we really want to work on these two “zones”. But instead of spend days, weeks or even years with a psychoanalyst, opt for the method of surpassing oneself. Choose to do an activity that you be particularly scared from time to time. Of course, it will always be necessary act reasonably and in a safe environment.

The goal here is to become aware of one’s own potential so to redouble motivation for the future. It is also a question of self-transcendence oriented towards the quest for a life less conditioned by the fear. Through the realization of a scary activity, you will repackage your subconscious and abolish systematically your containment zone. By dint of repeating this type of activity, you will automatically see your area of comfort grow.

What activities to do?

Try all the physical activities that you think are unachievable. If you have long said that you can never do bungee jumping, challenge yourself to do it even this weekend. he can also be the simple fact of being afraid to run in the open air for fear from the eyes of others. Do not confine yourself! Put on your running clothes and go for it. You will see that after these activities, you will feel stronger, more grown up, more fulfilled, and as motivated as ever.

Already, dare to do an activity that makes you practically afraid from time to time; make this discipline daring a way of life.