The vertical garden has the wind in its sails

The vertical garden has the wind in its sails, because it is not only pleasantly decorative, but is also eco-friendly and economical . No matter where you live, you can build a vertical garden in your property. Moreover, its realization is done in two tricks. If you do not have a green thumb, do not be discouraged; you can always opt to make a vertical garden with high-resistance plants. But above all, what do you need to know about the vertical garden? Zoom on this timeless garden trend.


What is a vertical garden?

The vertical garden is presented in a painting, a panel, a pan of wall, covered with green plants, vegetables, or flowers. It therefore consists of place a solid structure with optional width and height, in one place of his choice, then place several pots of plants in the floor. Of course, you can also do it on an existing wall section. The idea is quite simple, although you have to make sure you have a structure that will withstand heat, water and wind.

Actually, the vertical garden will be exposed to the dampness of plants, potting soil and water. It will also be placed in a place with optimal sunshine. So to make it up, opt for treated wood or for a corrosion resistant metal panel. In addition, make sure to provide the necessary treatments at the home wall of vertical garden if you chose this landscaping option.

What can be planted on a vertical garden?

You can put a bit of everything on a vertical garden. As already mentioned above, you can give it a flowery, green and soothing or greedy and flavored. You can also achieve a mixed vertical garden, where you will plant as well flowers as aromatics for example. What you plan to do a garden floral, a vegetable garden, or a garden of succulents vertical type however, be sure to take only plants that do not necessarily have need a great depth of rooting. Obviously, your garden vertically will contain relatively small pots, so care should be taken to limit planting with short-rooted species.

Which location to choose for its vertical garden?

A vertical garden fits everywhere! He will enthroned on the balcony, in the garden, on the porch, on a terrace or even in your living room. Make only to take plants that can easily flourish in the areas you would have chosen.

As an example, you can very well make a mini vertical garden of herbs in front of one of the windows of your kitchen. You can also develop a garden of plants to therapeutic virtues in the bathroom.

In short, discover what you really like about plants and get started as soon as the opportunity arises.