What to do with those clothes that you no longer wear?

Your wardrobe is full and you wonder what to do with those clothes that you no longer wear. If you have arrived at this point, you really need to ventilate your closet. Nevertheless, you do not know exactly what you will be able to do clothes that will be banned from your closets. So, before you burn them or just throw them away, consider the few suggestions listed in this post.


Offer them directly to charities

Among these clothes that you no longer wear, you will certainly find some pieces that are still in good condition. Set them aside systematically and consider offering them to charities such as the Red Cross or to refugee associations . This positive contribution to humanitarian causes will certainly add one more point to your joie de vivre. Yes, it is always nice to know that we have been able to contribute, if only in a small part to the happiness of a person in distress.

Deposit them at Relais Points

Relay Points drop grabs everywhere in the big cities. These bins are intended to collect clothes and other household linen that are no longer used by individuals and manufacturers. Be careful, before proceeding with such an operation, make sure to put in the packaging bag only clothes and textiles clean and dry . Not only is it more respectful, but it will also facilitate sorting at the factory.

Give them a second life

If you’re a fan of recycling, you can also give a second life to clothes you no longer wear. Check out tutorial videos on YouTube for inspiration . You’ll find that those old sweaters you no longer like or those pants you find obsolete can be turned into something useful. For example, you can turn the sleeves of an old sweater into indoor boots if you wear flat soles; very convenient for the winter!

Exchange them

It may be that in your wardrobe, you have some clothes that you have never worn for reasons of taste. If this is the case, you can proceed by an exchange. You can do this by organizing an afternoon of clothing exchange with friends, relatives or family . It is also possible to organize this small project on social networks.

Sell them online

As these clothes belong to you, you are also totally free to put them back on the market. For more convenience and to save your time, you can do it by selling online. Some sales platforms like ebay will make this project easier for you. However, you can also proceed through a live sale on Facebook.