The three best ways to create travel memories

When we spend a pleasant holiday, we only have one only desire: stay on the land of welcome for all life! For the most daring of us, the thing is well done. Moreover, only our beliefs can limit us in our projects whatever they are.

However, let’s stay reasonable for once and think of what you can do to get back from your holidays with your heart and your head filled good memories. Even better, discover how to materialize your memories of travel.

You may be able to tell you that the photos taken with your digital camera will be enough to revive you these vouchers moments you spent away from your daily grind. You are right, but you can do better with these three ways to create memories of trip.

1. Scrapbooking


Scrapbooking is not just an old aunt’s fad! We must go beyond this prejudice and try the practice to make profits. So why make a travel scrapbooking while living in a time when social networks allow us to make an illustrated narrative of our trips?

Doing a travel scrapbooking is interesting in the as far as we can integrate everything into the scrapbook: bus to the packaging of a local candy! Yes, with scrapbooking, you you create more concrete and personal memories. You can even integrate a paper towel stained with a drop of wine or local coffee

Moreover, to be able to touch, feel and see concretely memories is the best thing, and this is not always possible when we rely solely on virtual storage. So, already scrapbook and create the best holiday memories.

2. The relief painting

The relief painting is close to the scrapbook; only he will be exposed in the house. To make a relief painting of your holiday memories, you need to take support, fixation or collage, and some holiday artifacts including photos.

You would have understood, it will be a question of transposing pretty holiday artifacts on the stand. You can use a pan of wire mesh and clothespins or a metal board and magnets.

Side realization, let speak your imagination; you can make a timeline, thematic or hodgepodge.

3. The little decorative do-it-yourself

The third idea is to tinker with small objects collected during his stay. Here are some ideas about you help:

  • Make a jar of sand for and put in some seashells to keep the memories of a day at the beach;
  • Create a terrarium with a succulent plant found in the garden of his place of accommodation;
  • Make dried flowers, which you can frame later;
  • Tinker under the vase with pebbles sailors.