When green plants are needed in the interior decor

For several years, there are green plants in different parts of the house. They are placed in a little pot on a table, or in a corner of the corridor. This year, however, green plants stand out in the interior decor, plainly!

So, if the garden has turned into a living room apart in recent times, living rooms for their part mingle with green in different tones. In fact, we aspire more to a way of life close to the land these last 10 years. Since travel is not always obvious to concretize this ideal of life, as much bring back the ground at home !

There is a question of mental compensation in the face of panic generated by climate change. Also, we have to do to a modern design change that is more flexible and more consistent with our mother the land.

We are witnessing a revival of modern deco design


If the modern decor has long imposed the perfect geometries and the purified spaces, it is a new skin now. We always keep the well aligned and well harmonized aspects without fuss and yet dotted with elements modern deco design. In this timeless backdrop, we will incorporate green plants of all kinds. In place of some objects decorative, so we will put pots of purifying and decorative plants.

Also, we suspend ivy and ferns on the ceiling instead of the chandeliers. We find the large ficus in the living room and the little cactus pots on all the furniture. In short, the decor modern is covered with greenery for the greatest happiness of all and especially of those who have a green thumb.

The benefits of a decor while greenery

This trend of the « green house » is gaining field and will stay in tune of time, for a little while. The best part of the adventure is knowing that it’s a decorative trend advantageous. But how ? So, adopt the trend of green plants indoors is advantageous because:

  • Green plants clean the air. Some capture formaldehyde, others neutralize ammonia while most purify carbon dioxide. So you have to make a well thought out choice about yourself;
  • It is always easier to get rid of this trend as it will be enough to transfer the plants in the garden when we want to change the scenery;
  • The greenery always offers a very relaxing environment. There is nothing like being in a green environment after a long day of work.

Nota bene: To enhance your interior, already embellished by green plants, play on natural colors such as terracotta, fir green or gray . Also, do not forget to incorporate natural minerals into your home for a more harmonious final render.