7 planning ideas for small apartments

City apartments are shrinking more and more because of high rental demand. Spaces are split, redeveloped and serviced at best. Most places of life are reduced to a size of 16 to 45 m². Nevertheless, it is possible to get something nice from these small spaces. Here for you, 7 planning ideas for small apartments.


Modular furniture

There is no more convenient and more pleasant than a furniture flexible when living in a small apartment. In addition to conferring convenience, the multifunctional furniture saves the living space . These devices must be included in all residential areas with limited space.

Raised landscaping

When we live in a small space, we can hardly delimit the different areas of the dwelling. If you own, solve the problem worry by first banning the walls and opting for the layout raised. In other words, elevate the soil in places to mark the different areas of the apartment.

Bridging lost spaces

To make the most of the surface offered by the apartment already menu, it is better to fill the lost spaces. You can by example endow the table with the room to eat some drawers and do the same for the underside of the bed.

Occupy heights

The heights are just as suitable as the ground. If you have a high ceiling , consider the possibility of a mezzanine bed, in below which you can arrange an office, a sitting area or a dressing room. Equip also the height of shelves and cupboards to facilitate the storage of your different business.

Utility partitioning

In a small apartment, we rarely find walls of separation and that’s good. If you are not a fan of the open space, you can partition the areas of life with fine furniture . Large shelves are the most used in this case. Otherwise, the pocket curtain can always be interesting.


Incorporate mirrors everywhere in your little one apartment. If you can cover a whole piece of wall with a mirror, this would be even better. The idea here is to confer a sense of grandeur to the living space .

The luminosity

This last point should never be neglected! A menu poorly lighted apartment is all that depressing. Incorporate Led spots in the dark recesses of your apartment. The light enlivens the small spaces.