Bathroom open to bedroom: three planning ideas

The bathroom open on room confers space saving and convenience to the owners. It is also a planning idea wise that is more and more followers.

The highlight of this type of development lies in its ease of realization. So, if you have always dreamed of providing each of your home’s bedrooms with a private bathroom, consider this idea of layout. If you live alone or as a couple, the bathroom open to bedroom will be better suited to your living space.


Through these three planning ideas, discover how you could achieve the association of the bathroom with the bedroom.

The bathroom and the bedroom are one room

The most basic of open bathroom amenities is that of integrating the bath elements and sleeping elements in one and the same room . No separation will be erected between the two zones; however, one can Always mark the shower or bath with an opaque glass completely transparent. The washbasin and its furniture will be totally discovered. To do the best, rely on a vintage or ultra faucet modern. You can also play on carpets to create a discrete zoning .

The two rooms are separated by a transparent sliding door or opaque

If on one side you want to have two different rooms for bathing and sleeping, and from another you want to enjoy the benefits of a bathroom open to bedroom, the option of the sliding door is for you. This arrangement consists of playing on a recessed effect . Indeed, you are going to conceal the hall of bath behind a sliding door as if it were a dressing room or a any other storage room.

To preserve the idea of the open bathroom however, bet on transparent or opaque glassware. Moreover, with this type of layout, you can leave the sliding door open, at need to enjoy a real bathroom open to bedroom. Close it immediately when you want to enjoy a bathroom or bedroom with classic layout.

The separation by a glass wall

For this third bathroom design idea open on bedroom, the two areas will be integrated into one room. Only to delimit the space, we will erect a glass wall centered or leaning against a wall between the two areas . You can to do this, use a glass-brick wall, a transparent window or colorful. This type of development gives you free access to the bathroom.