3 good reasons to opt for a juice extractor

For some time now, juice extractors have had some success and for good reason! Indeed, not only is it a generally very stylish device, but in addition, it is a machine that offers several possibilities. Discover three good reasons to opt for a juice extractor !


1. Drink live juice

Living food is the best for your health! More than just a vague concept, it’s an indisputable reality and when we talk about live food, we’re talking about foods that preserve all their nutrients. Exactly, with a juice extractor, this is possible!

The juices that a juice extractor can offer you are fresh, but in addition, they retain all the nutrients that fruits, vegetables, herbs and oilseeds have to offer. This is possible since this type of device does not heat the food when it extracts the juice, it uses a worm which has a very slow speed of rotation in general.

2. Make a variety of savings

With a juice extractor, you’ll save money on several levels, which is really considerable.

  • Time: you will not even have to decide fruits, vegetables and herbs. On the other hand, you will have to prepare the oleaginous to make various milks.
  • Money: Such a device is not energy-intensive and compared to a centrifuge, its performance is largely superior.
  • Food: you will not waste any more because you will not have to prepare them to extract the juice.

In addition, you will be able to exploit the pulp of foods or even to choose what type of juice you want to drink.

3. Own a multifunctional device

Simple models can only extract food juices while the most complete models can help you to do more things. Indeed, the complete juice extractors can help you to make fresh pasta, sherbets, oil juices and even smoothies.

You will even be able to exploit complex foods if you plan on this kind of device. Do not worry, owning such device will not require you to spend your time maintaining it. Indeed, brands that manufacture this type of device that always ensure that they are easy to clean and store.