Honor to bright and colorful makeup

Brilliant and colorful makeup hangs on all Pinterest makeup boards. Faces are illuminated during the day and evening. We forget the trend of mate and nude and we enter a luminous phase of the history of makeup. Let’s take a look at the three pillars of bright, colorful makeup.


Eyes painted with sparkling powder

The hour is colorful makeup for the eyes. Eyelids is adorned with one and a thousand colors when we do not put on the eye framed by a monochrome blush. To revive the whole thing, we can choose a sparkling color or rely on a brilliant product. In any case, it is necessary to review its makeup technique because this combination of color and shine requires an expert hand . The rules remain unchanged however; before choosing a color or makeup texture, it will be necessary to consider its complexion and its type of skin.

A glossy and greedy mouth

We no longer do in discretion at the level of the lips. The mouth is painted like a forbidden fruit and has a good gloss on completion . Some even opt for Metallic lipstick to highlight the « brilliantine » trend.

Attention, before working on the makeup of the mouth, one exfoliates and hydrates the lips. Then, we go around the mouth with a pencil to give it a perfect shape; we apply his red to lips and we end with the brilliant touch.

A face that sparkles

The compact powder effect is no longer up to date; at least for those who want to follow the makeup trend to the letter regardless of the turns. The make-up face will be totally illuminated by a full or partial shimmering effect thanks to the highlighter . There is particular brilliance at the cheekbones and eyelids.

This shimmering effect is also called « dumpling skin » and was brought up to date by makeup artist Nam Vo. The purpose of such Make-up is to make a skin look well hydrated and shiny with health. same matte finishes today benefit from a highlighter addition.