4 rituals to have beautiful and strong nails

You have decided to stretch your nails, as you can not stand these false nails that in the long run come back expensive and prove to be a bit toxic. These 4 rituals for beautiful and strong nails are therefore for you.

Indeed, when we want to lengthen our nails, we must be careful firstly to obtain a solid and healthy growth. However, it is not It is not always easy to achieve this ideal because of external factors and internal who could attack our nails.


So, to minimize the risk of weakening your nails, you can already opt for these 4 rituals to have beautiful and strong nails.

Moisturize your nails every day

Brittle nails are too dry nails! Yes, just like the skin, our nails can also have a drought problem. So, if you want to minimize breakage, hydrate your nails. For this, you can simply apply moisturizer for the hands or even for the feet on each of your nails . Then, lightly massage each nail. Do this ritual in the morning before going to work, and in the evening when you have finished removing makeup.

Apply lemon juice on her nails

Lemon juice is known for its fortifying powers for nails. So every day, think about rubbing your nails against a half a lemon. Doing this exercise in the morning is even better. So now, you must have a lemon available every day. To make a stone two shots, you can drink lemon water in the morning and use the flesh lemons pressed on your nails instead of throwing them away. This is a solution that will bring you more of a blessing that proves to be more economical!

Clean the nails with baking soda

Yes, baking soda is perceived as a product miraculous. We find this product everywhere and for cheap thankfully! In recent years, baking soda has become the star of the tricks house and beauty. Even today, we will talk about it!

So, to strengthen your nails, clean your nails have baking soda once a week. For this you must realize a more or less liquid paste based on baking soda and hot water.

Then apply the paste on your nails to a toothbrush, taking care to brush the tops well as the undersides of the nails.

Take dietary supplements

Brittle and brittle nails can also be related to a dietary deficiency. So, if you have fragile nails, do a blood test to determine what’s wrong. You may be prone to iron deficiency, vitamin E or calcium. Then talk to your doctor and take food supplements to make up for the gaps and to heal your nails at the same time.