Why and when to take an anti rhizome barrier?

Why and when to take an anti rhizome barrier and what that an anti rhizome barrier? When we garden, we must systematically able to answer this question. Have a rhizome proliferation problem in his garden is indeed a state of emergency of the garden in question. So, what do you need to know about the rhizome barrier and the rhizome?

What is an anti rhizome barrier?


First, the rhizome is a perennial root. So he goes grow easily and quickly in the soil. We find in particular the rhizome in bamboos, canna, bergénia, or arum. However, the rhizomes of small plants are not really harmful, unlike those of bamboos and especially giant bamboos. As a result, the anti rhizome is nothing but equipment will limit the growth of rhizomes.

Why take one?

When planting bamboos in the garden, be it ornamental bamboos, windbreaks or windbreaks, always use a rhizome barrier. If the roots of bamboo plants are not contained indeed, they can invade the entire underground to reach the nearest watery places . As a result, they will find their way to your wastewater packaging or even to your underground water pipes. Of course, if the roots reach these areas, they may compromise the strength of the foundation of your home. So, to prevent such damage, take a rhizome barrier.

When to buy a rhizome barrier?

Preferably, the rhizome barrier is bought from the same that we plan to plant bamboos or other large rhizomic plants. In effect, it is possible to remedy the proliferation of rhizomes late, but it is always better to proceed in advance to have less work to do and also better results.

Who can install an anti rhizome barrier?

The rhizome barrier is often sold in rolls in trade. To install it, there is nothing simpler. So for this step, you would not need the intervention of a professional. It is enough indeed to follow the instructions given on the anti barrier roll rhizome to understand how it should be installed. If you doubt your abilities, you can always follow a tutorial on YouTube to see more clear, but in short, the installation of the anti rhizome barrier is very easy.