How to take care of a colored hair?

The fragility of a colored hair is no longer a secret for those who have taken the plunge. The concern here is related to the degradation of the “layer F” ; the natural lipid barrier responsible for the protection of each of these hair that you see stand up nicely on your skull.


To maintain the tone, vigor and radiance of a colored hair, it will be necessary to reconstruct this layer F in a way mechanical. In other words, we will substitute the F layer with products which will provide the protection function, which it is no longer able to fulfill.

Again, we will have to make sure we have products without risk for the health ; we will swear by natural products. For you to guide in this process, here are 4 solutions of care 100% organic, and 100% cheap :

Make a bath with coconut oil and ylang-ylang essential oil

Coconut oil occupies a major place in the closet of those who decided to take care of their bodies without involving the chemical cosmetics. So we will take it to do the first treatment, to feed and sanitize hair and scalp without harming them. Yes, coconut oil has a antiseptic virtue.

For this first step, it will be enough to take an optimal amount of coconut oil (refer to to the volume of your beautiful mane) and mix it with two drops of ylang-ylang essential oil . The product obtained goes serve you for the oil bath. Not only will this oil exalt its sweet aroma on your head, but it will also revitalize your hair.

Hide with egg yolk and sweet orange essential oil

After a restful night’s sleep, you will wake up with hair that has “eaten well”. Now, we will go to shampoo or pre-shampoo. In your kitchen, provided with a wooden spatula and a glass or ceramic container , you will mix an egg yolk with a drop of essential oil of sweet orange .

This mixture will revive the shine of your hair and will also tone it , but before applying it as a mask, start with a deep rinsing. Try to remove as much excess oil as possible without abusing the burning water. This done, mask your hair with the sweet orange egg mixture and let rest for 10 minutes .

Rinse with lemon water

After the mask, you will proceed with the shampoo. You are kindly invited to take a organic shampoo ; we will try to reduce as much as possible Chemical product. When you have finished shampooing, rinse your hair with clear water and finish with lemon water . The juice of a single lemon will suffice for this stage.

Protect with a film of macadamia oil

Now, to protect your hair every day, use macadamia oil. The latter will regenerate, soften, moisturize and to strengthen your hair. The application will be done with a thin layer to anoint the evening before bedtime .