How to wear the shoe with small heel?

There are several models of low-heeled shoes in the shops, and that’s not to displease us. But how to wear the small heel shoe? Although it is not difficult to walk with, this type of shoe is never worn without a prior study of look.

The small heeled shoe, which has long been criticized by the world of glamor has a certain charm that should be highlighted with the good clothing associations . Otherwise, it will make a total « flop »!

We do not choke it


The first rule to consider when you want to wear a little heel is to never smother him. In other words, you should never, but really never wear it with a pants or a skirt that will hide it . The interest of wearing a shoe Low heel does not rest solely on its practical side. This shoe has also a significant aesthetic potential, which should be displayed.

So, wear your little heeled shoe with pants that will fall flush or slightly above the ankles . You can also wear it with a short or mid-length skirt , Bermuda shorts or why not with the famous cycling shorts! Just avoid hiding his cut and especially, his little heel.

It is associated with an ultra feminine look

To give it the maximum of its charm, the small heel shoe associates preferably to an ultra feminine look . We will therefore wear it with very feminine cut-out clothes, and preferably with chic pieces to avoid the cheap effect .

We must also match the style as the color the small heel shoe, with the look of the accessories that we will wear. If the shoe has a golden closure for example, it will be married to a bag with a gold chain strap.

In short, to highlight a shoe with small heel, it must already be visible and associated with clothes and feminine and chic accessories thereafter.