Dress well regardless of trends

Fashion is never defined by trends. Your mode match your personality while the trends speak of what is in vogue in the moment. Remember this beautiful sentence of the late Baron fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld who says: « The trend is the last stage before the nerdy « . So, if you want to be well dressed in any circumstance, do not follow trends, be fashionable. But more concretely, how to do?


Highlighting its forms

To be well dressed, you must first choose clothes that match his morphology. In other words, you have to to put your forms in value. However, the ideal morphology (according to social contexts) is the hourglass shape. To highlight your shapes with harmony, so choose clothes that allow you to achieve this ideal. Here is what you can do whatever your morphology:

  • Mark your waist on the thinnest part of your abdomen;
  • Play with the volume of the tissues to balance the volume of the lower and upper body;
  • Highlight the most beautiful parts of your body.

Choose advantageous colors

To dress well is also to choose the right colors. What whatever the trends, you can enhance your look by choosing the good colors. For that, think according to the 4 seasons.

A clear skin that tends towards the fishing is sublimated by the spring colors. In other words, you can dare bright colors, but also pastel tones. If you have a porcelain complexion, choose the ones soft colors like raspberry, yellow, red or turquoise. opt for the light and soft colors associated with summer. For a tanned skin and clear, it is best to take the warm tone colors that come pair with autumn like khaki green, or caramel nuances. As for those who have black skin, they have the chance to carry everything! Yes, you have the free field on all the colors that you like.

No cheaps coins

The last rule to be well dressed is to never take « cheap » pieces. In other words, promote the good quality fabrics and accessories. What you plan to dress chic, casual, hippie, kitsch, rock or others, prioritize the clothes and good quality accessories.

With these three simple rules, you can be sure of always be presentable even if you do not follow trends.