Refusing to be afraid to live better

Fear is a blocking factor; it’s the door main of our comfort zone. However, if we wish to evolve in our lives, we have to overcome our fears. If you feel stuck by fear, let me tell you that you can go off that mindset and achieve all your life goals.


Fear is an emotion

Fear is an emotion; it’s also an emotion normal. Generally, you feel fear when you feel the need to protect yourself from a potential danger. Sometimes, however, our fears are purely fictitious! A normal fear comes when you are really in danger. As for the abnormal fear, it comes when you lack courage. We let’s talk about this second form of fear.

You have control over everything you feel

Know that you have full control over everything you feel; you have the power to control all emotions. Of course, to get there, you have to take the time to practice. After a For a while, you will see that you will not be afraid to get into adventures that seem scary.

How to overcome his fear?

You must overcome your fear to avoid missing out the best opportunities in your life. Here are two exercises for you help:


Meditating to overcome fear is first and foremost put well at ease in a quiet place. Close your eyes to reach a state of total relaxation. Then inhale deeply and exhale blowing hard with your mouth. Breathe well for a minute and regain normal breathing afterwards by focusing on the movement of your abdomen. You will feel a state of inner peace intense. In this state of appeasement, repeat this statement in a loop for a minute: “I am brave (myself) and I can go beyond of my blockages including fear.

The exercise of light rooms

For this exercise, you simply need to find a place calm. Now think about different dark rooms and assign an emotion to each of them. Move an imaginary lamp through the rooms. Each illuminated room represents an active emotion. Feel the emotion concerned whenever a room is highlighted. After that, choose to no longer illuminate the room of fear, and leave only the light enter the rooms of joyful emotion.

When you do this exercise, you must feel all the emotions in an intense way. The deep meaning of this exercise is from you make it clear that you have the power to choose the emotions that you want to feel. By dint of practicing it regularly, you will see things to do it by themselves.