Garden fogger, the must have of summer

The heat wave continues to worry. She is here, and will stay in the next weeks. Yes, summer promises even more days hot than the previous ones. When the heat is in full swing, we do not enjoy almost more of our outdoor spaces. Yet summer is the best season to relax or organize a small reunion in the garden.

Fortunately, in the equipment category indispensable for the summer, we find the fogger. This equipment consists of a water pipe system (pipe) which resulted in diffusing nozzles mists. It can be a simple alignment of nozzles along a pipe installed horizontally in height, or an outdoor fan equipped with a water tray, and mist nozzle.

Which garden fogger to choose?


The fogger can be attached along the edge of a terrace roof to spread fog downward . It can also be fixed on a wall , or installed in places in the garden by means of feet of foggers. The fogger whether or not equipped with a fan can also be nomadic . Whatever the configuration, however, the fogger will always be fed with tap water. Some models connect directly to the outdoor service faucet through a garden hose, while others have a portable water tank.

The choice of your fogger will be according to your needs. If you need to constantly diffuse mist (water droplets) to a specific place, choose fixed patterns. If you want to be able to move your fogger according to your needs, the nomadic model is recommended. Attention, it is recommended to take a timer with its fogger if it is installed near a garden . The timer will limit the effect soaked on the garden furniture.

What are the real benefits of a garden fogger?

At this time of heat wave, the garden fogger remains a must-have for the following reasons:

  • It will allow you to relax in the garden to relax and limit the use of the air conditioner ;
  • It is a cooling system that allows children to play outside without fear of suffocating heat;
  • Mists scattered by the fogger bring back to life the plants of the garden in summer;
  • Even pets find a pleasant freshness, once exposed to mists when cracking outside the house;
  • The whole family enjoys the best of a day in the garden and is no longer forced to organize outings that can cost expensive;
  • It is possible to have a garden fogger from 20 €!