Natural air fresheners to purify the house

Opting for natural air fresheners to purify the house is the best idea of the century. Indeed, as long as we stay in the policy of using natural products, we can be sure to lead a healthier life. In addition, natural air fresheners are accessible at low cost and are, for the most part, durable.


These natural air fresheners smell good, are decorative and could also be already present in your closets. However, even if you use air fresheners, never forget to ventilate the rooms in your home for a minimum of one and a half hours a day.


Many are the depolluting plants that you can place in the different rooms of your house. So here are some suggestions to guide you in your choices:

  • Chlorophytum comosum as well as the dracaenas will go in the room;
  • The ferns find their place in the living room or the dining room;
  • Aglaonema Will be suitable for bathrooms and toilets given its effectiveness against ammonia;
  • The pothos will go straight into the kitchen as they chase carbon monoxide.

Essential oils

Essential oils contain agents antiseptics. In addition to being effective against bad odors, they naturally sanitize the atmosphere. So you can use an oil essential of your choice in the realization of a liquid air cooler , but you can also invest in an essential oil diffuser .

For the first option, you can simply dilute 3 drops of essential oil in half a liter of water. Then, transfer the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the pieces of your home with the scented solution as needed.

For the second option, you simply have to pay a few drops of essential oil on the diffuser and place your candle warmer in the chimney of the diffuser.

Scented candles

Candles can also be used as an air purifier. In Indeed, they can make the essence of your scented oils last and are in more of that very decorative. As much as possible, make your candles scented at home. You can do this by using perfumes such as: cinnamon, lemongrass, coffee, clove, mint, rose, etc. Also, you can use snippets of plants if you do not have essential oil.

The absorbent product aka baking soda

In the rooms of the house where you will notice odors mold, nothing will be more effective than baking soda. Furthermore, it is very likely that you already had some in the kitchen cupboard.

So, to purify the air with baking soda take as many small cups or ramekins as possible. Then, incorporate two tablespoons of bicarbonate into each small container. For finish, arrange the cups of baking soda in the rooms to be cleaned .