Preserving the youth of his face

Preserving the youth of her face is indispensable from the age of 25 , for both women and men. for men. Indeed, this is the ideal age to start anti-aging treatments; maintain the elasticity of your skin, prevent early wrinkles and stains. It will not always be a question of investing in chemical care products however. Indeed, you can table on organic and natural products to preserve the youth of your face

Make-up removal and night massage


Remove makeup at night whether or not you have worn makeup is essential. In order to allow an optimal cell renewal, it is indeed necessary to remove makeup and practice a small anti-fatigue massage at night .

To remove makeup, prefer vegetable oils without additives and cold pressed if possible. oil coconut for example will make a very good choice as it helps regeneration cells and is antibacterial.

To complete the makeup remover with vegetable oil, finish the treatment with a lotion cleanser with aloe, lemon extract or extract of baobab. You can find these types of products at the shops of organic cosmetics.

Facial massage

Here’s what to do to massage your face

  • Point a thin layer of vegetable oil on: indexes, major, and annular;
  • Massage the cheeks from the outside to the inside, from bottom to top ;
  • Repeat the massage of the cheeks, but starting from the inside out, always up and down and doing an O with his mouth ;
  • Massage the middle of the face from the wing from the nose to the temples (without return movement);
  • Massage the front from the center to the times ( without return movement );
  • Do not forget to massage your neck and neck.
  • The massage must be done with a repetition of 7 .


After the massage, clean your face with cotton disc always moving from one half of the face to the other, starting from the inside to the outside of the face . Do the same with your neck and neck. Then spray your cotton disc with lotion cleaning, and proceed to final cleaning. For this, you must always respect a passage from the inside to the outside of the face.

Other essentials

Make-up removal and massage before going to bed are the essential steps to the preservation of the skin of his face. But, you should also adopt the following tips to preserve the youth of your youth:

  • Weekly scrub;
  • Application of an anti-UV day cream before leave the house ;
  • Wear a hat when the sun is at his overwhelming;
  • Do a systematic anti-fatigue massage when we feel really tired.

Besides all that has been said, prefer the care products natural and above all, hydrate yourself properly every day. Also, eat your 5 fruits and vegetables a day without cheating! These latter will boost your skin with antioxidants .