How to make a bohemian garden?

This year the trend of the garden tends towards the bohemian atmosphere. Moreover, the bohemian garden is a great timeless although it is renovated each year. So, how to realize a bohemian garden? What are the elements to consider to make a beautiful bohemian garden?

Bet on flowers


The bohemian garden is always rich in color. Thus, to realize a bohemian garden, it is necessary to begin with the natural colors. For this, there is nothing better than flowers with multiple colors. In order to have a harmonious rendering however, think of grouping the flowers of the same colored trend in a single zone. Follow this succession of colors to do the best: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and purple. Between the flowerbeds of colorful flowers, you can incorporate white flowers. In addition, it would be best to bring bright flowers close to the resting area and to arrange cold colored flowers at the edges of the garden.

Invest in hanging decorative objects

Who says bohemian says decorative objects hanging. Indeed, to make your bohemian garden as authentic as possible, invest in hanging flowerpots, colorful or white lanterns, dreamcatchers and chimes. Y ou can hang these decorative elements on the trees, on the porch, along a gravel driveway, or in your den.

Create a comfortable corner

Now let’s talk about the relaxation area. The bohemian garden is always provided and it’s really trendy now. In the middle of your bohemian garden, in a barbecue area or on a porch, small cozy terrace. To do the best you can do a terrace in pallet or buried stones.

In both cases, consider incorporating 4 pillars around the relaxation area. These pillars will be used to accommodate bohemian artifacts to hang, garlands of light or a hanging tapestry. Suspended rugs are very popular in bohemian gardens. Think about taking those with psychedelic patterns like mandala carpets, elephants or tree of life. In addition, do not hesitate to line a portion of your bohemian relaxation area to delimit the space.

Take wooden garden furniture

Finally, to give the best pace to your bohemian garden, invest in garden furniture in wood or bamboo. Attention, you must make sure to take wood with sealing index compatible with outdoor decoration.

In addition, preferably take low furniture and do not hesitate especially not to take a garden sofa with backrest. By the way, you can realize the sofa by yourself by opting for the recycling of pallets in wood.

Finally, have galettes, ottomans and colorful cushions on your wooden furniture. For this, always respect the good succession of colors: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and purple.