How to arrange your office when working at home?

When you work at home, you can easily be trapped by the temptation to put everything back to tomorrow. Indeed, procrastination is a daunting temptation for freelancers and self-entrepreneurs. Anyway, it is possible to override this concern by opting for a fairly simple solution: develop a comfortable office, ergonomic and conducive to productivity . But concretely, how to arrange your office when you work at home?

Take comfortable and ergonomic furniture


To be productive, you have to activate. Only, we can not really take a liking to the activity in question if we are not comfortably installed. Thus, the first thing to do when you want to build an office at home is to take comfortable and ergonomic furniture. Invest in a reclining office chair , with an armrest, ergonomic backrest, footrest and casters if needed. Also, take a desk table with cupboards and drawers easy access to store your files and essential work equipment.

To build on the good colors

When we talk about interior design, we can never miss the colors. So, if you want to arrange an office within even from your home do not skip this step. Already know that a piece that will present sterile and dark colors will only discourage you more. So, you can say goodbye to your productivity if you have decided to paint the walls of your office in white, beige or gray!

Here are the colors you can choose for you create an office corner that is conducive to productivity at home:

  • Blue and red to motivate you and keep you focused ;
  • Yellow and green to stimulate your creativity and help you move forward in your projects.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting plays an important role in an office. Indeed, a workplace must always be well lit. If you run out of light in your office, you may get drowsy and once again want to procrastinate. As a result, consider setting up your office near a window so that you can get the most out of natural lighting. If you work especially at night, invest in warm-light led lamps.

Accessorise with the minimum by combining the useful with the pleasant

Finally, accessorize your desktop properly. In sum, avoid cluttering his desk, but you must also give him a little life. A cluttered desk will clutter your mind and an empty office is going you demotivate.

For the best, you can for example accessorize your desk with a houseplant, a digital photo frame, your favorite mug and your design water jug! In short, you must simply incorporate the minimum of objects that can inspire you on your desk .