Take time for yourself 7 days a week

Taking time for yourself has almost become a luxury with our hectic pace of life. However, a rhythm of life too intense can we stress and other psychological and physical discomfort. If you have long thought that you can not have time for yourself, for go about things you love to do, change that belief right now. In effect, every day you have the opportunity to have a moment that makes you you feel alive and happy. To prove it to you, here are some suggestions that you can modify according to your desires.


Monday: go to the best restaurant

On Monday you may not be well prepared for attack the week. To remedy the problem, find an activity that can motivate you. Because eating can be a way of comforting oneself motivate; why not choose to go to the restaurant at the lunch break every Monday ! Of course, you can also simply take the best croissant in the city before going to work or eating in your favorite restaurant in the evening.

Tuesday: evening with the friend or the friend who overflows with energy positive

Having good company is also taking time for himself. Friday is still far away and you need to reboost yourself. So, organize a little outing or party at home with these friends who have a particularly positive mindset. Such a moment is priceless and can to transport you to a more fulfilling universe. You need it for move forward in your projects!

Wednesday: we make a beauty

On Wednesday, think about your body, your appearance. Get beautiful ! Go to a beauty salon, at the hairdresser, do you a manicure … whatever you want as long as it helps you feel more beautiful, more beautiful! This little moment between yourself and your appearance you will restore your self-confidence.

Thursday: movie night

Whether you’re with us or not, skip your Thursday nights in front of a good movie. Iron the movies you like or watch the latest box office nuggets. Dream a little time for a movie! Take time for you.

Friday: after work with relatives or colleagues

On Fridays, do not hesitate to go out with your friends, relatives, families or colleagues. Take the time to relax in a group if you wish. Organize a festive moment with the people who make you feel good. You can very well organize an outing or just have a cocktail party with one of your friends. Or why not a video game night!

Saturday: spa and relaxation

On Saturdays, treat yourself to a spa or a day of relaxation in solo, duo, threesome, whatever you want. The goal is to relax totally to untie the stress of the past week.

Sunday: reading and rest

Sunday is here and you have to rest for better attack the restaurant on Monday. So, take the time to read and do the nap. Farnientez as much as possible to recharge your battery.