How to clean your sofa and its velvet armchairs?

Armchairs, sofas, and chairs covered with velvet fabric are rather delicate. To clean them, it is first necessary to know the type of velvet. In the case of cotton or synthetic velvet, cleaning is done with water. On the other hand, a silk velvet should never come into contact with liquid.


So, if you like velvet furniture, opt for velvet cotton . If you live alone or as a couple however, you can always take silk velvet. Now, let’s see how to clean velvet upholstered furniture by starting with cotton velvet cleaning.

Degrease and dust off

Before cleaning with water, you must degrease and dust off your furniture. If the latter has several spots of oil, you will need a land of Sommières. Otherwise, from baking soda will suffice. The process is quite simple; sprinkle earthenware from Sommières or baking soda and leave all a night. The next day, it will be enough to just vacuum for rid the cleaning powder.

Clean with water

If the sofa is very dirty, you will need a bucket of water soapy with a glass of ammonia. If not, water soapy vinegar will suffice. To clean the furniture, soak a towel which no longer serves you in the soapy solution. Then rub the furniture all in insisting on the most stubborn stains. This done, rinse the furniture always with a towel, but this time with water clear.

Restore the hair

After rinsing, dry the furniture with a hair dryer programmed on cold breath. If the breath of the hair dryer is not enough, leave the furniture to dry in a protected place, but ventilated all night. After complete drying, sprinkle the furniture with talc. A cheap talc can perfectly suit. This step will complete the drying. Let stand a hour before vacuuming talcum. Then brush the velvet furniture with a velvet brush in the dormant direction of his hair. Brushing will rid talc residues and will sublimate the velvet again.

The case of sofas, armchairs and chair in silk velvet

If you have furniture upholstered in silk velvet, you must proceed by dry cleaning. To do this, put on your gloves or medical gloves and sprinkle the soil of Sommières on the whole of furniture. Then you have to massage the furniture so that the product can act well. Let the earth of Sommières act all night, and the next day, clean your furniture with a vacuum cleaner. Finally, brush the velvet gently in the direction of the hair with a specialized brush.