Take care of your lips every day

Our lips are extremely fragile and we owe it to ourselves to treat them daily. A beautiful face without beautiful lips recalls a beautiful picture without perspective; and you know it well. Man, woman, follower or no lip makeup, we can all sublimate our figure in Keeping beautiful lips throughout the year. So, how to cure his lips everyday?


Everything starts at night

The care of your lips starts at night. Just like the rest of the skin of the face, the skin of our lips is renewed during our sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the ground for the new cells. For this, you do not necessarily need to use expensive cosmetics. You will find everything you need in your closet. Moreover, natural cosmetology is more and more encouraged to limit the deposits of chemical agents in our bodies.

Soften the skin

Before bringing the necessary care to your lips, you must soften the superficial skin that protects it. This layer can not correctly assimilate care, and must be softened before being withdrawn. For do this, you just need a cotton ball and a little water hot. Soak the cotton with hot water to start, and use it for dab your lips. After a few seconds, you will notice Transparent films ready to be removed form on the surface of your lips.


Now you have to exfoliate your lips. To avoid injury, always use a cotton ball soaked in hot water. But before the exfoliation, pass a film of vegetable oil on your lips. You can very well use sunflower or olive oil for this. This done, gently rub your lips with the cotton soaked in hot water; do not stop until you have fully exfoliated your lips.


Do not wait for your lips to dry completely before moisturize them. Indeed, so that your lips can stay hydrated the whole night, you must seal the tiny particles of water that have infiltrated into your cells during the first two steps. For this you can use your moisturizing lip balms at night, or a simple oil plant rich in vitamins A, C or E.

Morning care

To keep your lips looking good, you need to systematically take care of it in the morning. Here are the essential rules for this:

  • Rehydrate and revitalize: put a cotton pad soaked in hot water on your lips to remove the protection at night and soften the skin. Then, revitalize your lips by coating them with aloe vera gel and gently massaging them for a minute.
  • Protect: Wash your lips with warm water and do not let them dry completely before applying your protective balm. Wait 30 minutes before applying makeup, if you never go out without makeup.