Gothic fashion is back in force

This year we see all the colors on the fashion side. We have the trend of fluo, lavender, yellow, animal prints, and we especially have Gothic fashion, which is coming back in force. So, this area of the fashion sphere was born in the early 80’s, and he never fell asleep. Today, we find it once again and once again on the catwalk. If you are one of those who loves the Gothic trend, its mysterious side and relatively dark, do not miss the must-have of this trend under the colors of 2019.


Gothic lolita

The movement of the Gothic Lolita comes from the Japanese of the end of the 80s. This year, we keep the pace of the small bouffante skirt, small duvet, and small glasses dark version in this category. To put it simply, the gothic lolita is the one that has a dark look and cute « kawaii » or cute if you want it. Here are the essentials for a successful gothic lolita look:

  • Black shoes with derby type platforms, babies, converse, or Doc Martens;
  • Long socks: striped, fancy, monochrome, predominantly black or red;
  • Dress or skirt flared (bouffante) black or details red, burgundy, fir green, midnight blue, white;
  • Jacket or blazer;
  • Hairstyle with bangs or quilts with or without mats on Wednesday Adams.

Urban Gothic

In this category, we have everything that is rather casual and rock. Everything is allowed here as long as the black dominates in the look. What Be that as it may, here are some essential details to better succeed one Gothic rock look:

  • Boots, platform shoes, converse;
  • Black T-shirt with the logo of a large group of rock;
  • Leather accessories, studded, with details silvered;
  • Jacket or jacket in black leather;
  • Jet black or colored hair.

In short, the key is to have the maximum of black elements on your look and perfect it all with silver details. Also, it is necessary especially having some leather items (wrists, bag, jacket, hat, shoes, etc.)

Gothic chic

You can very well continue to wear your black Doc Martens well polished or glossy varnish to go to a meeting on Monday. If you incorporate all in a chic gothic look, it would be even better. For this, the base is to dress totally in black. The details in white, burgundy, gray, and dark blue are accepted. Also, you can consider these elements for your chic Gothic look:

  • Straight hair and black jet;
  • Black blouse, t-shirt or sail top without colorful details;
  • Blazer or jacket;
  • Black chic dress;
  • High-heeled shoes, flat derbies, or Doc Black martens;
  • Chic gothic makeup (no exaggeration);
  • Black glasses.

All in all, you just have to find black variants of your clothes classes, make « smoky eyes » black, and wear a good dark lipstick matte or glossy.