Which floor covering should you choose for your interior?

Interior floor covering is an element of comfort crucial. We want it to be durable, easy to maintain, insulating and good value price quality. However, the building materials market offers several types of flooring; always leading us to the dilemma at time to make the right choice. So, which floor covering to choose for its inside? What type of flooring may be suitable for such or such a room?



The ideal bedroom has good acoustic and thermal insulation. For this reason, it is best to coat the floor with solid wood or laminate flooring. The solid parquet has the advantage of being a good thermal insulator, so it is easy to renovate although quite rigorous to maintain. Laminate flooring costs less than solid parquet, but is less durable.

If the wood does not tell you anything, you can still moquette your concrete bedroom. In this case, however, think about invest in good maintenance and cleaning equipment. The soft soil, linoleum and vinyl may also be suitable for a bedroom. However, these choices will require you to stay barefoot or walk in slippers to circulate in the room, to avoid the premature use of the coating.

Living room and dining room

The living room and the dining room are relaxing rooms. We circulate a lot, and welcome our guests. The ideal is to coat the floor of these parts with a robust material that is easy to clean. If you have a big budget, you can jump into marble and granite. Otherwise, invest in tiling or why not slate. In case you can only offer the minimum, opt for waxed concrete. The waxed concrete allows you to have a colored or neutral ground. Surmounted by two or three carpets in places, it remains magnificent.

Shower room and toilets

For the bathroom and toilets, the tiles or the mosaic remain the most advantageous. Tiling and mosaic resist well to moisture, are durable, easy to maintain, and very aesthetic. You can also incorporate marble or granite into these two rooms if you are resolved to make big investments.


In the kitchen, it is also preferable to opt for a durable and easy to clean flooring. The best choices are: tile, marble, granite, mosaic, or waxed concrete. In the case of a fairly narrow kitchen, a colored waxed concrete can be a good option. If the kitchen is rather large, the tiles will remain the most advantageous solution on all levels (durability, cost and maintenance).


The hallway is also a part of the house. Do not to neglect it! The corridor being a place of frequent passages, it is preferable to coat the floor with a strong and easy to maintain material, such as: tile, marble, granite, concrete or parquet massif. However, if you demand the removal of shoes in your house, you can put on your hallway with lino!