How to clean his face well before going to bed?

The skin of your face is renewed every night. Thus, in order to boost cell renewal and literally “new skin” the next day, it is necessary to clean the face properly before going to bed.


The goal is to get rid of dead cells to accommodate healthy cells, and boost blood circulation to optimize the cell renewal. You have certainly heard that he is necessary to remove make-up at night whether one is makeup or not. It is correct, but that’s not enough, and it’s good for both men only for women.

So how do you clean your face in the evening?

Make-up removal with oil

Vegetable oil is the most powerful and least aggressive makeup remover. If you have dry skin prefer wheat or coconut oil; For oily skin and acne, it is best to take a non-comedogenic oil such as jojoba oil or baobab oil. Whatever your skin type, you can also use sunflower oil or olive oil.

So, this first step is to perform a massage facial with oil. Use the pulp of your fingers for that. After one minute of massage, get rid of the oil with a small towel clean sponge. Small reminder, the towel is washable, reusable, more eco-friendly and more economical than disc cottons.

Deep cleaning

After getting clean with oil, let your skin breathe for a minute, and chase with deep cleansing with soap. If you have dry skin, prioritize the greasy soap. For oily skin, acne and sensitive, there is nothing like dermatological bread. Natural soap is recommended for all skin types.

This second step is to wash your face thoroughly using soap and warm water.

After this step, dab your skin with a clean towel. Do not rub your face to avoid aggression. Then wait another minute before entering the next cleaning step. This small break is necessary to allow your skin to recover from the effects of the cleanser.


Toning the skin of her face is very important, and contributes to its deep cleaning. Indeed, a toned skin breathes always better cleanliness and stays more beautiful all the time. Also, a Toned skin is a skin well prepared for cell renewal.

You will find in cosmetic shops different kinds of tonic lotions. However, you can also use a natural toner such as aloe vera gel, lemon honey, or apple cider vinegar diluted with distilled water. To apply them, always use the pulp of your fingers and especially, do not forget to perform the facial massage.

After application, wait 2 to 3 minutes and rinse your face thoroughly with cold water.


After the minute of waiting, all you have left is moisturize your skin. Indeed, during the three previous steps, you have certainly brought essential care to your face but you have it also “leached”. In order to seal all the repair agents, which have been brought by previous treatments, and in order to moisturize your skin, finish cleaning your face with a moisturizer. For that, do not you do not worry long. Yes, just use a light oil to replace the hydrolipidic film of your skin. You can opt for one following oils: jojoba, argan, avocado, hemp, shea, or camellia.