It’s your Turn to Laugh

Let us discuss the facial expression of the cop in the picture above. At any cost, he is determined to teach all the prisoners the value of their health by keeping away from cigarettes while he is himself addicted to it that it never slips off his lips. In his hand, he holds a stick with which he will hit the person who lights a cigarette in front of him.


There is something funnier about a pack of cigarettes among the young men of East Asian countries. There is really strong competition among cousins that who will become the father of a son before the other. If the manufacturers start writing in bold letters, “It causes infertility” on a pack of cigarettes, believe me, not a single man will ever buy it.

While the whole world ignores the fact that cigarettes are responsible for causing the cancer of mouth, lungs, and liver and cause early death.

Weight loss is a very commonly prevailing obsession especially among the females of our young generation. They are so obsessed about their physical appearance whenever they stand in front of a camera or a mirror but they forget all about their plump cheeks or arms as soon as something sugary like a brownie comes to the dining table. And whenever the fridge is full of stale bread such a girl pretends to be really diet conscious and pop a grape or a strawberry into her mouth and rush for work.

Do you think that a proper diet plan designed by a professional dietitian meant for weight loss work like this?

Most journalists of the competitive fashion industry are always seeking spicy scandals. It is normal for wealthy and politically strong couples to invite numerous journalists with huge cameras on their wedding day and all of a sudden something awe-inspiring happens such as the bouquet slips from the hand of the bride while walking on the ramp and everyone’s attention turns from the main event to the funny incident and they start capturing it. Imagine a glass full of wine goes flying and splashing all over the carpet and within a single moment all of the journalists rush to the moment to make their headlines more captivating than the others.

After the pandemic, most housewives and mothers especially have become a lot more conscious about hygiene than before. Mothers now wash the clothes of their children including the beddings and towels twice a day which can be tiresome for a working lady after a very long day. Most of the women are heard shrieking at their children whenever they walk with their outdoor shoes on the carpet of the dining room.

No doubt, it has also brought about a healthy change such as washing the hand frequently which is the only positive side. A couple of years ago young children were so careless about their hygiene that things like sore throats, flu, and asthma were so common. Thanks to the detergents and sanitizers they have simplified our life a lot.