Visual Novel: The Everlasting Summer

Games are essential for developing imaginative thinking and problem-solving in all age groups. Online games, especially visual novels, are designed to communicate social issues, economic issues, or bi-sexual relationships commonly found in our society. Besides enjoyment, the players develop competitiveness to practice in their real lives.


A visual novel has to be compatible with both desktop and handheld devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. The characters, whether they depict real-life human beings or imaginary creatures, should use a language that is socially acceptable and ethical.

This blog will discuss the design, music, characters, dialogues, functioning, and other merits or demerits of one of the most trending latest visual novels: The Everlasting Summer.

This free game is significantly better than most paid dating ones. The characters are not just one-dimensional stereotypes; they are genuine characters that develop throughout the story. All the characters are good except Miku. The beginning of the story is very mysterious.

It has a great soundtrack, each and every one of its songs is unforgettable. The graphic is really incredible. It is full of sweet romance. It has a free sequel called Frosty Kiss.

I recommend you only play that after you get every ending for this game. It has multiple endings. In conclusion, the Slavya route is entirely predictable; Alisa’s sad end is also enjoyable. You can unlock more storylines depending on the choices you make and how many times you complete the game. The more endings you get, the more ends you can get.

If you end up saving your game a lot, you will find it easier to get back to where you were. The background is also fantastic.

There is no offensive language, and the words are not embarrassing to bound you to use headphones only. However, if there are kids and other family members around, there are no intimate or abusive words to hurt someone’s feelings.

It goes places I have never seen another visual novel go to. The storyline is fantastic and captivating. The story is well-detailed and has a lot of replay value.

The story is really deep, and its playtime depends on many factors, but it is around ten to twenty-five hours, which depends highly on how you play it.

Some users face slight issues regarding controls, font size, and save options but not always. The swiping mechanic sometimes confuses a swipe with a click, which makes quick saving difficult at times. The save page gives you twelve saves per page, but the load page only recognizes nine of the twelve save slots. The loading screen has three columns missing; the saves cannot move to the next screen; they are just unavailable.

To sum up, instead of going for really expensive paid online dating games, you must try downloading and installing The Everlasting Summer whenever you need some fun. It will not simply fill-up the memory space of your phone; its lightweight size makes it worth trying. This game is simply unforgettable.