How to establish new habits on a daily basis?

We all dream of having a healthy and balanced life. To do this, we would like to adopt new habits on a daily basis and stick to them. Indeed, it is the small daily habits that lead to the big change. However, establishing new habits is not always easy. It is often difficult to want to change and stick to new habits. So how can we introduce new habits into our daily lives without giving up?



In order to be able to establish new habits on a daily basis, you must, first of all, be willing to change. In fact, the old habits you have are triggered automatically even if they conflict with your intentions. In this sense, in order to be able to establish new habits, you must first have the will to introduce them into your daily life.

Brushing teeth after every meal, for example, is ingrained in our brains. Suddenly, we do not even wonder if we are going to do it or not. Once the meal is over, we just go. So when you decide to start new habits, you are faced with a conscious decision. You can then choose, whether or not you are really going to do it. This is where the will will play a big role. Because yes, without will, you are not going to be able to achieve all that.

Focus on old habits

If your goal is to change old habits with new ones, you need to focus on those old habits first. In order for your brain to accept initiating new habits, you need to be aware of what you have always been used to doing. Why are your old habits bad? Do you do them just out of boredom or stress? Etc.

In short, you must therefore ask yourself the right questions in order to design the new best possible habits. By becoming aware of the situation, you also increase your willingness to want to change. This is a very important step. To do this, replace your old habits with healthier, more positive ones. Along with this, try to prevent the automatic triggering of old habits.

Plan your new habits well

In order for an action or behavior to become a habit, you must plan it well. Therefore, you must make the action in question easy to perform and, above all, to repeat. You can do this by identifying a trigger and committing to applying the new habit every time you spot it. Having specific goals will then allow you to establish the new habit more easily.

Also, don’t be greedy. You don’t have to want to set up a thousand and one habits all at once. One habit at a time will be more than enough. You can better concentrate on this action and not get lost or scattered in your goals. Moreover, you will not have enough energy to change everything at once. Once a habit is established, you can choose a new one.

Here are some tips to help you establish new habits on a daily basis. Of course, you should also be very patient, because in order for your brain to perceive certain actions as habits, you have to wait between 21 and 31 days. However, once these habits are established, you can easily achieve your goals and lead a healthy and balanced life without even having to ask yourself the question.