Adopt the androgynous look: the little tips

More and more women today are adopting the male dress style. This is called the androgynous style. The main purpose of this fashion is to erase the border that exists between the feminine and the masculine. But then, how to adopt it effectively? Here are some tips to help you.


Choosing the right clothes

The bottom

The clothes are the centerpiece to adopt the androgynous style. To do this, there are a few types of clothing that are essential to bring out the androgynous look. Boyfriend jeans, in particular, are one of those essential outfits. Whether the jeans are destroyed or not, the fact that they are loose will perfectly underline the androgynous style.

The top

Besides, the plaid shirt is also a must-have for this type of look. This kind of shirt when worn by a woman is reminiscent of a tomboy. Finally, the big jacket, called teddy, is also a typically masculine garment and which is perfectly suited to the androgynous style.

to summarize

The basis for an androgynous look is to choose mixed clothes. In this case, you can also opt for straight-cut pants, fairly loose shirts (not necessarily checkered) and airy fabrics. Matching the clothes, you can wear small heels: boots for men and sneakers and moccasins for women.

Other elements to consider

Accessories to wear

Accessories are also very important to perfect the androgynous style. In fact, accessories are the elements that complete an outfit. In this sense, you have to be very careful with it, because it’s the little details that make all the difference. As we are talking about an androgynous look, there is therefore no question of handbag or pearls.

On the contrary, we will mainly talk about cap, beret and related elements. So, to your loose pants, add a thin belt that you are going to highlight. Obviously, you will therefore tuck your shirt into the pants. You can also emphasize the look with a tied tie, but not too much.


If you want to bring out the androgynous look properly, dare to go for the mid-to-short or short haircut. If you are looking for some haircut ideas, you can very well take a cue from Kristen Stewart. To apply this cut style, you just need to comb your hair back and apply hairspray to the roots of your hair.

To emphasize the androgynous look even more, you can adopt a short boyish cut and apply a fairly sustained makeup. In particular, you can mark your face with a fairly thick line of eyeliner. This can then save you the discomfort, misunderstandings and doubts that the style can generate.