Artcurial: Martine illustrations by Marcel Marlier at auction

Here it is , the illustrations of the book Martine, written by Gilbert Delahaye and illustrated by Marcel Marlier, will be auctioned. These vintage drawings which have delighted several generations of children will have their place with the highest bidders from April 27, 2019 at the Belgian Artcurial house in Brussels.


As a reminder, Martine’s adventures began in 1954 with Martine on the farm and Martine on a trip. From then on, in his twenties, Marcel Marlier provided illustrations until 2010 with Martine and the mysterious prince.

Exhibited before the sale

One month before the auction of these illustrations, Artcurial Belgium will exhibit them. You will have the opportunity to find 25 original drawings made with gouache on paper. This exhibition will be held from March 27 to 30, 2019. Don’t miss the event if you enjoyed reading Martine’s different adventures. It’s time to dive back into the good memories of his childhood, but also to bathe in vintage art.


It is the illustrator’s family members who have proposed the auction of the original illustrations of Martine. For the occasion, 27 illustrations will be presented. Ink on paper, and gouache on paper will be in the spotlight for sale.

Among the works to be found, we can cite the illustrations of the albums: Martine on a boat, Martine, little rat of the opera, and Martine at the fair. Regarding the price, the estimates indicate a range of 4,000 € to 6,000 €. The price is still correct as they are real cultural treasures.