Laurence Boccolini… are we talking about her weight loss?

The star presenter of TF1 Laurence Boccolini has lost big pounds. Fans who follow her on Instagram were simply amazed when they discovered the photos of a thin and downright unrecognizable Laurence.

This great change of life, Laurence operated on for a long time. However, we do not see the truly remarkable results anymore. Currently, the TF1 star is in South Africa for the filming of the 13th season of « I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here ».

A radical change for health reasons

We must admit that Laurence Boccolini has always been part of the most radiant and smiling faces of TF1. She did not necessarily need to lose weight to conquer the hearts of viewers who follow her every day.

However, she had to opt for this drastic change due to an autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis. This disease which attacks, in particular, the joints is certainly difficult to manage when one is overweight.

So, we say bravo to her for all the efforts she has invested to put an end to her big pounds.

A caring mother


Laurence Boccoloni has a 5 year old daughter (Willow). She has said in an interview that her daughter is full of energy and that she is therefore obliged to follow her when she runs everywhere in the house. So this is one of the reasons that prompted her to lose weight. Certainly, it is a very noble cause.

Anyway, the presenter is still keen to keep her privacy intact. So she never revealed her secret to losing weight so far. According to Laurence, her life is nobody’s business and she can decide to do what she wants to do with it without having to be accountable to anybody! On this point, she is quite right.

In any case, the dramatic weight loss of Laurence Boccoloni is wreaking havoc on social networks.