Billie Eilish was in the spotlight at the American Music Awards

She is only 17 years old, and is known for her taste for anti-conformism. This young girl fan of alternative rock of a whole new genre, has made the ink flow since she entered the music scene. Billie Eilish is the new youth star of this generation, finally, mostly speaking. She expresses herself in extravagant ways to convey her ideas. This is also why she and all her aura are suitable for teenagers these days.

The girl appeared at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 24, in an outfit that perfectly matches her artistic vision. However, her red carpet presentation was controversial.

Burberry outfit and beekeeper headgear


Young and no less talented Billie Eilish climbed on the red carpet with a Burberry outfit. More clearly, her outfit consisted in a large Burberry blouse and large pants. She embellished the outfit of Burberry sneakers, and a very original headwear. Her outfit has already blinked eyes of incomprehension, but her hat made even more talk about her.

It turns out that Billie picked this hat from … well, Burberry even. In short, she put on pieces of clothing and accessories of the same brand to honor those who were at the festivities.

A minute of reflection

Several people laughed at the dress choice by Billie Eilish. Quite frankly, that doesn’t sound like a “Red Carpet” at all. However, when you think about it, maybe she tries, and in a subliminal way to give us a very important message.

Her outfit has been compared to that of beekeepers; which makes sense. However, today (and for a long time) we are faced with the problem of the massive disappearance of bees. Would Billie use her influence to educate her young audience in this direction?