Man collapses in front of Prince Charles, his reaction goes viral

During a visit he made to the Asda supermarket on July 9, Prince Charles was surprised by the unease of his interlocutor. This is an employee amazed by the arrival of his royal highness.

Going to the Asda supermarket, Prince Charles certainly did not expect what was going to happen. In the back of his mind, it was just a matter of showing his gratitude to the employees of this store who risk their daily lives while working.

However, things didn’t quite turn out as he had expected. A video widely reported by the British media shows the scene. In this video published by the Sun, we can see William and Harry’s father talking to an employee of this supermarket.

Prince Charles looked confused

After brief exchanges, as seen in the video, the man began to wobble back and forth until he collapsed, under everyone’s gaze. Even Elizabeth II’s successor did not really have time to react since he did not expect it. In any case, this is shown by the images made public.

However, Camilla’s companion approached the man who had just become unwell. Very confused, the prince could not do anything else. Fortunately, the victim received first aid from several people who witnessed the scene. However, the incident did not end the visit. Prince Charles continued his visit and was able to chat with other staff at this super market.