Men fashion: how to adopt the casual chic style?

Currently, the casual chic style is a style more and more popular with men. As it combines formal and formal attire, it’s a style that’s very practical especially when you don’t want to neglect your look, but don’t want to overdo it either. But if so, how do you adopt this style? Find all there is to know about the casual chic style below.


The blazer: the must to have

You will understand, the blazer is an essential element to bring out the casual chic style because it adapts to all occasions. The blazer looks like a suit jacket with a chest pocket, two flap pockets and at the back, two side slits. For a casual chic look, the ideal is to wear a non-crossed blazer with classic buttons.

As for the color, it will all depend on what you want to wear with it. You can very well step out of the great classic bu navy blue blazer. Beige or khaki can be suitable colors for a blazer. However, to wear it well, you need to pay attention to the length of the sleeve. The blazer needs to fit well and the jacket has to fit well.

What to combine with the blazer?

There are a thousand and one possibilities of associating with the blazer. Indeed, no matter what event you want to attend, the blazer will do. You just have to choose the other clothes to associate with it. If you have a navy blazer, beige chinos with a white shirt or white pants with a sky blue shirt might just emphasize the style.

For more casual occasions, you can team the navy blue blazer with a white T-shirt or a round neck sweater and jeans pants. For the case of a cream blazer, you can wear it with a white shirt and jeans. If you want to wear a T-shirt with the blazer, the ideal would be to opt for a T-shirt with a round neck since the V-neck is less convincing. Also, avoid wearing the blazer with a polo shirt.

Choosing the right shoes

Besides the blazer, shoes are also an important point. Although they should be coordinated with your look, you should choose shoes that make you comfortable. For their color, black remains timeless. It is a color that gives a chic air. If you want to look more formal, brown will be the perfect color. The other colors will be adequate for a more casual style.

Regarding the shape of the shoes, everything will depend on your preferences. However, note that the more round a shoe is, the more relaxed it will be. In this sense, the more pointed the shoe, the more formal it will be. Also, the shinier and smoother it is, the more formal it will be seen. If you have no ideas of shoes to wear, moccasins, boots, ankle boots and derbies are the essentials for a casual chic style.