How to optimize your space when living in a small apartment?

By living in a fairly small area, we often have trouble finding landmarks. Indeed, all kitchen utensils, small decorative items or even the tools that we use on a daily basis tend to invade our space. We quickly run out of storage and we no longer really know how to delimit each space in the apartment. Today, therefore, we are going to see how to optimize your space when living in a small apartment.


The furniture

When we are limited in space, it is more than important to limit the furniture we buy. This helps to smooth traffic in a small space. In this sense, you should only install the furniture that is useful to you on a daily basis.

However, you can also opt for multifunctional furniture. A convertible sofa bed, a bookcase convertible into an office, a foldable table that can be integrated into a wall: these are multifunctional furniture ideas that can be used greatly in a small apartment.

Playing on height

If you are lucky enough to have a substantial ceiling height, you can very well use it. Indeed, you can use this height to install storage in height and on the walls. Wall shelves are in particular a known and practical storage solution.

However, storage may still be lacking despite the installation of these wall shelves. You can then choose suspended shelves in order to increase the storage areas. Hanging shelves can blend in perfectly with the decor as long as you don’t overdo it.

The bedspread

Besides that, you can also use the space you have under your bed. This solution is all the more interesting if you have a mezannine bedroom or a small area. Indeed, in this case, you will have trouble putting away your things, especially your clothes and shoes.

It is therefore more than important to know how to use the bedspreads to make them an efficient storage. To do this, you can opt for a bed with storage. Some beds have columns of drawers in which you can perfectly store your wardrobe. On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest in a new bed, you can always opt for the storage boxes to be placed under the bed.

So here are some tips for optimizing space in a small apartment. Of course, there are also other effective and interesting alternatives that you can adopt. And you, how would you optimize your space if you lived in a small apartment?