Natural remedies for motion sickness

Motion sickness is very common in both adults and children. It manifests itself, in particular, by dizziness, nausea and sometimes even vomiting. This is all due to a disorder of the inner ear and the loss of a landmark for the eye. But if these are the reasons for motion sickness, how do you get rid of it? Here are grandmother’s remedies to treat travel sickness.


Before leaving

You probably don’t know it, but preparing for the trip is also a key step in treating or preventing motion sickness. The first thing to do is to pay attention to what you eat. Contrary to popular belief, traveling on an empty stomach can cause more harm than good. Indeed, by having an empty stomach, you can experience stomach spasms and hypoglycemia. Which will only accentuate your discomfort.

Therefore, it is important to eat well before you leave. Light meals consisting mainly of solid foods should be preferred. Fruits, toast and starchy foods will therefore be welcome. On the other hand, avoid anything that is liquid. Also, don’t forget to bring something to snack on for the trip – cookies or crisps might do the trick.

Prevention of motion sickness: ginger

Ginger is great for preventing and even stopping vomiting and nausea. At the same time, it has anti-inflammatory properties that protect against joint and muscle pain. In this sense, if you suffer from motion sickness, you can very well consume it before departure. You can use ginger powder or essential oil or herbal tea.

Consumed as a powder, you can take 250 mg at each dose and every four hours until the symptoms disappear. As for herbal tea, you can let it steep for 10 minutes before drinking. In essential oil, you can apply one to three drops on the neck. You can also mix a drop of essential oil with a spoon of honey and swallow it before traveling.

How to stop motion sickness on the road?

When it starts to go bad, there are a number of natural tips to help you relieve your pain. Bring lemons with you and suck one whole or juice it if needed. It will greatly help you alleviate the ailment. In addition, you can also use lemon balm water. You can pour a few drops over sugar. It is also a very effective solution.

Peppermint is also an interesting alternative during the trip. Use peppermint essential oil by pouring a drop on your tongue. You can also apply it to the neck if you experience nausea or dizziness. Finally, you can also breathe in ginger or peppermint essential oil while traveling. The nausea can thus be stopped.