Where to travel in winter?

When winter approaches, we already think of the winter holidays looming on the horizon. We want to prepare everything to be able to enjoy a great vacation with family, friends or lovers. But where to go during these holidays? It will all depend on what you are looking for and what you want to do. So here are some answers to the question: where do you travel in winter?


Go to the sun in winter

If you can’t stand the cold or just want to turn your winter into summer, then heading out to the sun is ideal. You can then enjoy the good weather there, feel the warmth of the sun caressing your skin and tell yourself that you are lucky to be able to enjoy the sun even in winter.

The Canary Islands in Spain

It is one of the best places to enjoy the sun and the beach in winter. You can, in particular, do diving sessions with turtles as well as catamaran cruises. If you like adventures, camel treks should also make you happy. Also, you can enjoy the sea and the idyllic setting that the islands contain to take photos and enjoy the sun as it is.

The Dominican Republic

If you want to relax on the beach and simply enjoy the sun, the Dominican Republic will be the destination for you. If you like to party, you won’t be disappointed either. Indeed, every day, the idleness of the beach of Punta Cana welcomes you with open arms. Besides that, if you still want to do little adventures you can go diving, visit the jungle safari or take an excursion to Santo Domingo.

Go to snowy countries in winter

If you are a fan of snow and want to make the most of your winter vacation, nothing better than going to the mountains. Yes, but in which direction? There are so many that we do not know where to look. However, whatever you choose as a destination, don’t forget to pack yourself well against the cold.

The Alps

The Alps with its meringue peaks will offer you several activities, each as interesting as the next. Young and old alike can easily find what they are looking for. Learning to ski, enjoying beautiful ski slopes for professionals, mountain biking on snow: these are examples of activities you can do there. For thrill seekers, you can even fly over the mountains in a hot air balloon or paraglider.

The Pyrenees

Just like the Alps, the Pyrenees also offer holidaymakers crazy stays with plenty of activities. The little ones can go to ski schools, go sledding or even go for dog sled rides. For adults, there are all kinds of activities: downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and many other thrilling winter sports.