Where to travel in summer?

Now that the health situation is starting to improve, we all want to make up for lost hours, days and vacations. We are already preparing our next vacation for the summer without necessarily knowing where to go. As a couple, single, with friends or family, there are different destinations for all tastes. In this article, we will therefore answer the ultimate question: where to travel in summer?


For romantic couples

If you are in a relationship and want to offer a romantic trip to each other, you will need a few tips. Indeed, finding the destination is one thing, but finding what to do once you get there to keep the flame alive is quite another. So, where to travel and what to do in summer as a couple?

The meeting

If you are in love with sport and nature and want to take a trip as a couple, Reunion will be an excellent destination. The island is endowed with wonderful waterfalls and a good romantic lagoon where you can admire the sunsets for two. If you really want to cut yourself off from the world for two, you can even take a tour of its national park formerly called Bourbon Island.


Corsica is one of the most beautiful exotic islands in the world. With the relentless sunshine that there is, you will only be able to fall in love. You can, without worries, take a romantic getaway by visiting its wild coves, crystal clear water and beautiful mountains. By going there you can enjoy the local meals, the good weather and the two of you as if time stood still.

With friends or family


Having several interesting activities, Turkey can be the ideal destination if you are going with family or friends. As a family, children can join mini-clubs at the hotel and parents can go on cultural visits. For teenagers, Turkey promises them relaxation on the beach like they will never have experienced before. In short, children, adolescents and adults can find their account there perfectly.


It is currently the most popular destination for those who want to enjoy the good weather with friends. You will not be bored there between the sea, the water parks, the discos and the desert. You will surely burn memorable memories with non-stop giggles. If you like the thrills, you can even fly over Dubai in a hot air balloon or take a parachute jump with others.