Oil bath tips for different hair types

Whether we have oily, dry or frizzy hair, we all have this desire to take care of it and show it in its best light. To do this, the oil bath can be an effective and interesting alternative. However, for each type of hair, there are specific oil baths. So what are effective and interesting oil baths? Here are some tips to help you.


Oil bath for oily hair

There are different types of oil that you can use if you have oily hair. Among these oils, the best known is hazelnut oil. The latter is popular because it helps regulate the production of sebum (and therefore fat). If you have dry forks, hazelnut oil can also work to hydrate them better.

Besides, you can also use papaya oil as it hydrates and also regulates sebum. Little known to the general public, papaya oil is effective if you want to give more shine and softness to your hair. Finally, grape seed oil is also an interesting alternative. Indeed, in addition to regulating sebum, it nourishes the protective film of the scalp.

Oil bath for dry hair

For dry hair, shea olein oil is an oil bath solution. In fact, it nourishes and repairs hair deeply. But still, you can also use avocado oil. Repairing and nourishing, avocado oil also helps fight against hair loss.

On the other hand, if you are having trouble finding the two oils mentioned above, coconut oil and sweet almond oil can be easy alternatives. They can be found everywhere and they work the same as shea olein and avocado oils. Indeed, in addition to being nourishing, these oils soften and hydrate the hair in depth.

Oil bath for frizzy hair

Finally, for frizzy hair, coconut oil is ideal. Rich in vitamin E and vitamin K, coconut oil nourishes and protects the scalp. In addition to that, it also restores shine to frizzy hair. Besides that, you can also use avocado oil to bring more vitality and shine to your hair.

Castor oil, on the other hand, is a solution to adopt if you have brittle or dull hair. It will nourish your hair deeply and at the same time ensure their growth. Finally, mustard oil is ideal for combating hair loss and dandruff. In addition, it helps stimulate blood circulation