What criteria should you consider before buying a vacuum cleaner?

Finding the right vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean is not always easy. Indeed, in order to be sure to choose the right vacuum cleaner, you must consider several important points. So how can we find the right vacuum cleaner for our home? Here are all the criteria you need to consider if you want to get a vacuum cleaner.


The type of surface and the surface in question

One of the first criteria that you should absolutely consider is the type of surface present in your home. There are different types of vacuum cleaner depending on the type of surface to be vacuumed: tile, carpet, carpet, parquet, hard floor, etc. For your future vacuum cleaner to be fully effective, you must first choose the one that will be best suited to your surface. In addition, you should also consider the square footage of your home. If you have a large enough house, you might want to go with a corded vacuum cleaner with a bag. Otherwise, a stick vacuum or robot vacuum should suffice.

Efficiency and power

Besides this, the efficiency and power of the vacuum cleaner in question are also very important. In fact, the higher the power of the vacuum cleaner, the more efficient the vacuum cleaner will be. Currently, the power of vacuum cleaners is limited to 900 watts. Note that you don’t need to choose the most powerful vacuum cleaner. Indeed, everything will depend on the type of floor you have at home as well as the surface to be cleaned. Regarding the filtration quality, the ideal would always be to opt for filtration quality A. You can then adapt the level of efficiency according to the structure of your interior.

The maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner

The maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner is also a very important point as this is what will make you comfortable while using it. The more flexible and manoeuvrable your vacuum cleaner is, the more pleasant it will be to use. In this sense, take into account the length of the wire, the flexibility of the hose, but also the size of the wheels as well as the weight of the device in question. In the case of a canister vacuum cleaner for example, the lighter it is, the easier it will be to drag. For the stick vacuum, the rotating head option can go a long way in helping you clean the nooks and crannies of a room.

The noise level of the vacuum cleaner

The majority of people do not always take into account the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. It is only after buying the vacuum cleaner that they complain about the noise the vacuum cleaner causes. However, this criterion also contributes to the comfort of use. Sound level is measured in decibels (dB). From 80 dB, the vacuum cleaner can be a source of noise pollution. Some vacuum cleaners offer sound levels ranging from 70 to 75 dB. In order to determine the noise level of a vacuum cleaner, all you have to do is read its energy label. This mention must be visible there.