What type of vacuum cleaner to choose for your home?

To keep your interior, especially the floor of your house clean, the vacuum cleaner is the essential device. Indeed, the vacuum cleaner really helps us in our household chores provided that we choose the one that is most suitable for us. So how do you choose the right vacuum cleaner? How do we know which model is ideal for our home? Here’s a little buying guide to help you find the best vacuum cleaner out there.


Vacuum cleaners with bag

It is the most common and well-known vacuum cleaner model of all. Also called a canister vacuum cleaner, the bagged vacuum cleaner is very powerful and has a large tank capacity. Since it works with a wire, its autonomy is also unlimited. Although not noisy, the canister vacuum is still quite heavy and unwieldy. It will therefore be necessary to find the best way to use it to benefit from all its advantages. It is particularly suitable for large households and for large houses.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

With this type of vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to buy back bags. It is therefore a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to the vacuum cleaner with a bag. It can be suitable for both large and small surfaces. However, these vacuums can also be quite heavy and difficult to maneuver. As it works with a wire, it also has unlimited autonomy. Anyway, its size can make its storage quite complicated. However, this template can be interesting in the sense that it has a large tank capacity.

Stick vacuum cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner is considered the easy way out. Indeed, since it does not have a sled, it is much easier to move and handle. Some of these vacuum cleaners even work cordless. It is also an ecological and economical solution since it does not have a bag. However, its reservoir is limited and you also need to consider the charging time before you can fully use it. In short, the stick vacuum cleaner is suitable for small and medium-sized areas.

Robot vacuums

The robot vacuum cleaner is the latest generation of vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the various technological advances, you can now schedule the cleaning of the floors of every part of your home. Although it is very practical, you will have to move it room by room so that it can do its job well. With this vacuum cleaner, you will therefore not be able to vacuum the stairs. Very autonomous and intelligent, the robot vacuum cleaner allows you to save time. Nevertheless, it has a low tank capacity and does not clean in details. In any case, if you want to clean your interior daily, this is the vacuum cleaner for you.