How to tidy up a child’s room?

Here we are, our child is very happy because he finally has his own room. For our part, we are also delighted to see that our child is becoming a little independent. We are also relieved to have, finally, some privacy. However, who says another room, necessarily says another room in addition to tidy up.

In fact, tidying up a child’s room can quickly turn into a puzzle. Between toys, children’s things, books and clothes, we don’t know where to turn. Here are some tips for tidying up a child’s room properly.


Make storage easier in the bedroom and make it fun

Storage is a tiring and boring task for children, big or small. It is therefore important to learn to involve them while having as much fun as possible. There’s no point scolding them and sending them alone to their room to tidy up the mess. If you keep going this way, they’ll never know the importance of tidying up.

It would be best if you could attend and participate in this household chore. Another idea would be to make it a game so that this task can be fun for them. You will see that your children can even have fun tidying up their room. Also, to make storage easy, make storage options easily accessible and close at hand.

Opt for baskets and storage boxes

In order for your children to find pleasure in tidying up their room, storage must be close at hand. So opt for storage baskets. In addition to being beautiful decorative elements, they are also simple and effective storage elements. Choose different sizes and colors of baskets to place each category of objects: toys, books, soft toys, etc.

In addition, boxes or bins are also accessible storage elements. They can be perfectly integrated into the decoration of your child’s room. You can put the boxes on the floor so that your child can easily access them. The advantage of crates and storage bins is that you can paint them as you like. So, they can blend in with the decor of your child’s room without worries.

Favor storage shelves

Whether on the floor or on the wall, shelves are also an interesting storage option. They are ideal for keeping fragile or precious personal effects such as parts from video games or dollhouses. To make it easy for your child to find themselves, you can even add colorful lockers to the shelves. Each color can then refer to a particular object category.

For wall shelves, you can place them at an accessible height. You can also play with the color so that storage rules can easily be established. Also, to keep your child safe, place things they need on the bottom shelves and things you don’t want them to touch on the top shelves.