All the benefits of facial massage rollers

These days, facial massage rollers are gaining more and more space in the arsenal of beauty bloggers. So pretty and cute, one would even think that they are decorative objects. Yet, facial massage rollers are much more than that. Why should we incorporate them into our beauty routine and how do we use them well?


The benefits of facial massage rollers

To nourish and shine the skin

Facial massage rollers work by stimulating blood circulation. In this sense, these rollers provide the nutrients that the skin needs for it to nourish itself and have more radiance. In addition, by using massage rollers, your skin will also be better oxygenated. But still, the use of massage rollers allows to bring a touch of freshness to the face.

To fight against wrinkles and other signs of aging

Over time, our face can fall victim to fine lines, dark circles and other signs of aging. So, to remedy this, you can use the facial massage rollers. These allow to reduce, even attenuate, dark circles and puffiness. Along with this, facial massage rollers also prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To relax facial muscles

You should also know that massage with a facial massage roller releases tension in the face. This is explained by the fact that by massaging, we stimulate certain parts of the epidermis called acupuncture point. However, these points promote relaxation of the face. After a massage with a facial massage roller, you will therefore feel more relaxed and calmed.

To deflate the face

Finally, the facial massage rollers also deflate the face, promote the production of sebum and refine the texture of the skin. In fact, the stones of the facial massage rollers have this characteristic of keeping cold. In this sense, they can deflate the swollen face in the morning and give you a healthy glow in two steps. If you wake up with a bad head, now you know how to get rid of it.

Use facial massage rollers wisely

Which stone to choose between jade and rose quartz?

Facial massage rollers are, in general, made with jade stone or rose quartz. Either way, the difference between these two stones is minimal. In fact, they both provide the same benefits on the outer skin (improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, etc.). But it is at the level of the psychic benefits that the difference is felt. Jade stone is known to balance energy while rose quartz is known to provide a relaxing effect.

How to massage yourself with a facial massage roller?

Usually, the facial massage roller is used with a skin care product such as an oil, moisturizer or serum. By using a care product, you make sure that the roller slides easily. So, once you have applied your product to the face, you can start massaging your face with the largest stone on the roller, trying not to forget any part: chin, jaws, cheekbones, cheeks and forehead.

Use your roller by massaging from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside without going back and forth to better stimulate lymphatic drainage. Once done, use the small stone of the roller to massage the area around your eyes and your neck. Repeat these gestures twice a day, for 5 minutes, to fully benefit from all the benefits of the facial massage roller.