How to keep your house clean and tidy on a daily basis?

Having a clean and tidy house every day is everyone’s desire. However, this is not always easy, especially if we have children, pets or if we spend a lot of time at work. Either way, keeping your house clean and tidy is quite possible. Here are some tips to help you do that.


Clean up as you go

If you want your home to always be tidy and clean, you need to clean it up as you go. Never delay overnight, but do what you need to do when you can. For this, you can adopt the Fly Lady storage method. This consists of doing household chores for 15 minutes every day. To apply it effectively, you can enlist the participation of the whole family.

Also, this way of doing things allows you to have less work to do on weekends. Indeed, the majority of households wait for the weekend to do the big cleaning. Cleaning daily also prevents mold and dirt from setting in. You may not believe it, but these little everyday things can greatly affect the cleanliness of your home.

Have an order when cleaning

In order for storage to be done effectively, you need to have a storage method and do it in order. When we see the mess at home, we don’t always know where to start. It is therefore more than important to have a cleaning routine so as not to get lost. The better you organize yourself, the less time you will waste. In this sense, it is as if the housework is done automatically.

Here is an idea of a routine you can adopt for cleaning your home. First, you can start with the easy tasks. Then, think about decluttering before cleaning everything. Once that’s done, clean it up room by room. Do not move to another room until the other is completely stowed away. For this method of tidying up to be effective, avoid procrastinating and always tidy up as you go.

Favor tailor-made storage

In order for your home to always be in order, you must prioritize storage. Also, note that for a storage to be used, it must be suitable for the person who is going to use it. In this sense, adopt tailor-made storage for each person in the household. If you are, for example, short in stature, prefer walk-in closets and kitchen units that can be handy.

Likewise, if you have children, you can get them used to tidying up and tidying up. To do this, place baskets everywhere so that they can slip dirty clothes, toys, or even the things that adults need to store. By putting easy storage within easy reach, you make cleaning up your home easier. That way, everyone can participate in tidying up every room in the house.