How to properly arrange a small parental room?

We all dream of having a large master bedroom with adjoining bathroom and everything that goes with it. However, reality can turn out to be otherwise, especially when you live in a city and every space is counted. We can then face a small room that will have to be converted into a parental bedroom. But then, how to get out of it? How can we set up a small parental bedroom? Here are some tips.


Step 1: The color

In order for your small master bedroom to appear large enough, you have to bet on color. The latter plays an important role in the optical effect. Therefore, in order to “make the room bigger”, you need to focus on light colors. Dark colors will only reduce the room and give the effect of an unventilated room.

White, pastel and any other bright color are therefore preferred. However, you can still opt for a more dense color. But in this case, you only need to paint one wall with this color. This will then give your room a little more depth. For the other three walls, follow the rule of bright colors.

Step 2: The decoration

If you have a small bedroom, decor shouldn’t be a big deal. Indeed, you should not, quite simply, not overload the room with decorations to avoid the impression of clutter. So avoid trinkets of all kinds and large furniture that will only clutter the room.

On the contrary, the best would be to opt for sober, light and uncluttered decorations. A small picture on one of the walls, two bedside lamps on either side of the bed and a few small cushions and accessories here and there should be more than enough. For the curtains, even if you opt for a more or less heavy color, prefer light materials.

Step 3: Storage

Who says small room, necessarily says storage problem. Where to put all our stuff? This is the question that arises. To optimize the space of your parental room, we recommend that you increase the number of shelves. To do this, you can inlay shelves on the walls if the structure of the room allows it. In addition, you can also install removable and movable shelves.

Raising the shelves will save more floor space. Apart from that, on the storage side, you can also use the underside of the bed. You can slip in chests, storage boxes in which you can put your clothes, shoes or other things. Since every square meter counts so much, you have to be ingenious.