How to warm up an all white living room?

The majority of people choose white to paint a living room. If this color makes the room more luminous and zen while giving a neutral tone, it must still be warmed up with decorations to avoid falling into the “bland”. So, how do you warm up and decorate an all-white living room? Here are some tips that you can use.


Painting its doors

To bring a warmer touch to your interior, the fastest and most efficient solution is to paint your doors. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want to repaint your walls or use wallpapers. To warm the living room, you can: either paint the door and its frame the same color, or paint them with two different colors.

To do this, charcoal gray is a classy, simple and timeless color. You can paint both the door and its frame with this color to give a modern style to your interior. In addition, charcoal gray can be adapted to any type of decoration. On the other hand, if you want a style that stands out, go for a pop door color (royal blue, yellow, or whatever) and a black door frame.

Redecorate furniture and old furniture

Another decorating idea to warm up an all white living room is to see the furniture in another way. Repainting your old furniture comes down to giving them a facelift and prioritizing recovery. If you have a cabinet, dresser, table, stool, console, or other old furniture in your storage room, repaint them to bring them back to life. Choose bright colors to suit the style you’d like to adopt.

For other pieces of furniture that you don’t want to spruce up, you can use small decorations to be able to warm the room. You can, for example, place small picture frames, books, lamps or even vases on your dressers and shelves. To give a warm atmosphere and ensure both the brightness of the room, you can also place mirrors on some of the furniture.

Add an ethnic touch with wood, wicker and rattan

In order to warm up an all-white living room even more, we can clearly bet on wood, wicker and rattan. These natural materials are taking more and more place in our interiors today. Thus, adopting them in a living room gives a warm and welcoming air to the room. To do this, you can opt for low wooden tables, a rattan armchair or even small baskets or wicker vases.

Wood and white are, in particular, an excellent timeless combination. The assembly of this color and this natural material amounts to adopting a Scandinavian style, but not only. This mixture can be adapted to any type of decoration. You can, for example, inlay a wooden TV cabinet in your white living room. Or even dig a wooden niche as a small bookcase in the wall. In short, all means are good to warm up an all white living room.